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TIFF preview: 15 films I’m excited for.

It’s festival season again, and this year my personal choice, mostly due to circumstance and slightly due to planning, is Toronto. Conveniently it’s also one of the biggest fall film festivals there is. A fair amount of movies premiering here will be found roaming the streets of Hollywood come Oscar time, I can guarantee. With… Continue reading TIFF preview: 15 films I’m excited for.

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More demonic happenings in Annabelle Creation…

In the years since James Wan surprised western audiences and myself with Insidious (2011), an American horror film that I unexpectedly liked very much, we’ve had The Conjuring and Insidious chapter 2 (both 2013, both also directed by Wan), Insidious chapter 3 (2015, directed by frequent Wan collaborator Leigh Whannell), and The Conjuring 2 (2016,… Continue reading More demonic happenings in Annabelle Creation…

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Preview: Belfast Film Festival 2017.

Initially I didn’t think I’d be attending this year’s Belfast Film Festival. I’m currently planning to emigrate and had originally scheduled this for the end of March. But as it happens, I’ll be staying in Belfast for another couple of weeks, and this provides the opportunity to attend my home city’s resident film festival for… Continue reading Preview: Belfast Film Festival 2017.