Our Little Sister (preview).

Anyone who knows me well will know I have a thing for Japan, not least Japanese movies. When a movie is released over here from that part of the world, especially if it’s a piece of work from an established director, I do my best to check it out. Here’s a fine example of something that suitably fits the criteria.

Our Little Sister was selected to compete for last year’s Palme d’Or; the second consecutive film from Hirokazu Koreeda to do so after 2013’s Like Father, Like Son. As his movie titles suggest, he tends to specialise in domestic or family¬†dramas. 2011 film I Wish was a story about two young brothers, while 2008’s Still Walking followed a family commemorating the death of their eldest son over a 24 hour period. Without doubt he’s one of Japan’s top directors of this era; Roger Ebert compared him to Tokyo Story director Yasujiro Ozu.

So if the Japanese domestic environment/ family unit is something you’re interested in, I’d go so far as to say this film might be unmissable. Right now you may be able to find preview screenings in London; there’s also one in Belfast on the 14th April, before the film is more widely released the following day. Beyond that I can’t say yet how widely available it will be. This is one definitely worth looking out for though.


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