Two months later.

Although there have been occasions before when I have went the entire month of January without posting on this blog, this time I have a perfectly valid reason for not doing so. I have been quite busy over the past eight weeks or so. This has included, among other things, an extended six week trip to the Caribbean. No big deal, of course. That kind of thing just happens, right?

But here I am, back and fresh and ready to go. I have approximately three other writing projects that I’m also currently working on, which I’ll keep you updated on as we go, but mainly I’m talking about getting back to posting on this, my own personal blog, more regularly again. I’ve come to realise how refreshing it can be to mix up personal writing with writing of that other sort; when you’re given a set thing to write about and a deadline to stick to. Both are nice. Here I can just write about anything and stick to my own deadlines (some of them nonetheless unrealistic), set my own style, and change that style when I want to. Each of my other fun side-quests present a different and unique challenge.

You probably want to know a little more about that Caribbean trip though. Well, to be specific, it is Antigua we’re talking about, and the trip included mosquitoes, water shortages, power cuts, birthday parties, a funeral, Christmas dinner on the lawn (or a ‘garden’ for the rest of you), weird car crashes, sun, sea, storms, zip-lining, Big Banana, jerk chicken, pressure cookers and an inside look at the nearest hospital, which helped extend the trip from four weeks to six. All in all, it was pretty eventful, and I’m saving most of this stuff as future book material. Hey, we all need some way of securing our own pension fund.

Mostly, though, it was a positive way to spend Christmas. When I say that, I mean being able to get away from the depressing first week or two of January; that little period just after Christmas and New Year when the weather feels that bit colder and work feels that bit harder to motivate yourself for. Summer weather helps remedy that, and that’s exactly what our weather was like: a fairly warm British summer (made complete by the occasional sighting of a characteristic rain cloud). Other than that, I must admit I am also a traditionalist. I’ve realised how much I do appreciate the crisp, snowy, wrap-up-warm-beside-the-radiator-after-a-hot-bath kind of atmosphere that, admittedly, one is hard pushed to find in Britain in any case these days. So I don’t think I missed much back home this year when it comes down to that. Clearly most of North America has got all of it instead.

Recently I’ve also seen some new films, reviews of which I will post here during the next two weeks, including an interesting one independently made in Antigua called ‘The Skin’ – according to one review it will make you “want to jump out of yours”. That should tell you all you need to know for now. First on my agenda, however, is a brief critical look at the Bill Nye-Ken Ham science/ creation debate that happened just over a week ago. Only once I’ve torn into that will I truly feel like I’m enjoying being back.


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