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A Miscellaneous Report.

Greetings, dear readers. Tis almost Christmas, I see.

The time for most people to be jolly; the time for me to get melancholy.

As I sit here writing, with the weather biting, I find myself asking, ‘what is thy tasking?’

Because it’s no secret that at times, when I have little ideas, I tend to turn to crime, and rob pizzerias.

Actually I must admit, that last part’s not true. I was just trying to get the attention of… you.

Instead I put myself in the mindset, of being caught in a net. How should I escape, if not by changing shape?

After all, it was imagination that provoked slave emancipation, and gave birth to water fluoridation. It is flair that inspires people to care; a matter of proclivity to attempt creativity, which may fail horrifically.

So I’m asking you to come with me, as I can get very lonely. While my rhyme may be poor, and my logic obscure, I guarantee you’ll at least like me remotely.

"I know what you're thinking, punk."
“I know what you’re thinking, punk.”

If only all of my introductions could be so wonderfully lyrical! Well today I couldn’t come up with one, so I did that instead. This post, you see, is otherwise one of those normal ones where I talk about stuff that could be boring if I didn’t try to make it not boring. And thus, I have tried.

Elsewhere in the world (quite literally), we had the World Cup draw last Friday for next year’s tournament in Brazil. Now, I’ll be honest, I think anyone making predictions this early is a little ambitious and a little bit more imaginative (a nice way of saying you’re basically crazy). There’s no way we can know how teams will change in the next six months. However, I will say on first impressions that, should nothing drastic change, Argentina are my early forerunners to win the tournament. I say this because Brazil will be under immense pressure, something the Argentines will relish when the two inevitably meet in one of the semi-finals (this is the most likely scenario based on the draw).

One prediction I will talk slightly about, because I’m rather enjoying reveling in it, is my own Premier League table prediction from the start of the season. Take a look at my table, then glance at the real-life table, and you’ll find that five of the bottom six are right around the area where I put them (with Stoke not far ahead). Hull are also higher than any other promoted side, and Arsenal are flying higher than anyone else thought they would. Of course we all suspect that things will turn around completely now that I’ve drawn attention to it, but that may have happened either way, and if that does turn out to be the case then I’d like to take this chance to point out my accuracy approaching the half-way point of the season.

In other news, David Healy has retired. You know him; he was the guy who did this, and this, and this. And then he stopped.

I know the majority of you don’t want me to spend my time talking about football though. Films are supposed to be more up my street. On that topic, I’m afraid you may not be getting another review out of me this side of Christmas. That’s because I’m going away for the next month and can’t say whether or not I’ll be getting the chance to do much in terms of updating. If I don’t, Merry Christmas. If I do… well, you’ll be the first to know.

That’s that, then. Potentially the end of what’s been a reasonably good year for blogging. I remember posting my ultimate top ten list for the first time, and posting seven entries in one day on May 24th as I transferred over the best reviews from the bones of my old website. We had joy, we had fun, we had… snow up until mid-April. Yes, only in the U.K. can you see such miraculous weather effects.

Until next time!

Coming soon on Standard 10

The place known as Disturbia was somewhere once thought to belong purely in legend and myth. Anyone who found themselves there either called it a bad dream or forgot the ‘incident’ completely. But Graeme, finding himself stuck there indefinitely, having stumbled upon it some time ago, was now sure it could not be this simple. He had been here too long. He had seen too much. This was no legend.

It was a place people came to confront their inner selves, the parts they’d rather forget; a place where you were stalked by shadows at every turn. There would be no escape for those who didn’t know how. Graeme had come in fighting. The environment was fighting back, and it wasn’t playing nice. Now, we had deadlock. But unbeknownst to all parties, there was another factor in this equation, waiting for the right moment to announce his presence… An old friend who had come along for the ride.

All’s Fair in Love and War, part 4 – coming when you least expect it.


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