Wishful Listing.

My most recent post about E3 was good for reminding me of one thing: how poor I currently am. How unaffordable all of the things that I selfishly pine for really are. How much I, now that my F.P. year is coming to an end, really need a job, and how much I don’t look like simply walking into one.

I have a bunch of items right here on my Amazon wish list, for example, some of which also remind me of how out of touch I am with current film and gaming culture. Yeah, so most of the films on there wouldn’t help me connect with modern cinema audiences anyway, but the games on the other hand certainly would help with my sense of integrity when I, say, come to writing a post about a major gaming expo. I write about how this is one of the biggest years ever for the gaming world, without actually having played any games released in this calendar year myself. The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite have already passed me by. Grand Theft Auto V, Beyond: Two Souls and all sorts of upcoming releases from Square Enix are set to do the same. All I currently have to go on is my trusty copy of OPM (other publications are available) and whatever envious glances I can steal at the rich fortunes of others able to afford such things.

So I have a proposition for those readers that have a little bit of money to spare. I would take it as the greatest compliment if, say, you felt me worthy enough of a gift from the Amazon wish list I have linked to above. In return for any item on that list, I will guarantee a review of said item. If, for example, I was to end up with a copy of The Last of Us from a kind soul, you would then get a review of it within a week, on this blog. That is equally true of something like… Medea, too (although admittedly slightly less exciting). I am, of course, a big fan of world cinema as well, as many of you will know from the days when I would spend a week reviewing Japanese horror films on my old website. And there’s many things I would like that aren’t on that list either; it’s not comprehensive. It’s just a small selection; a tiny glimpse of the wishful imaginings of a man so uncomfortable with asking for anything that he has to offer up his services in return…


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