Greetings all. As you may have noticed, two things have happened in recent weeks. One more thing, the biggest of what I will come to affectionately refer to as the ‘rebrand’ trilogy and perhaps (no; certainly) the most dramatic of the three, is due to take place at some point within the next two months. We’ll get to that in a moment.

The first thing you may have noticed would have been through clicking on the link in the top left corner of this page, your curiosity having gotten the better of you during either a routine or random visit to Standard 10, to find that there is actually no longer a web page attached to it. What it claims to be is no longer true; it does not link to my bigger website because my bigger website is gone. That’s right. Caput. It is now a dead link, you could say. Oneofthem1s.co.uk has been discontinued. What you see in the six posts preceding this one is a selection of some of my favourite reviews that I’ve written for the website in the past two years. I thought I would post them here for the time being so anyone interested in my reviewing style can check them out, if you feel so inclined. That’s the reason for the sudden spike in my posting for the month of May – in doing so, I’ve actually posted six (and this, soon to be my seventh) blog entries in one day; a record that is likely to stand for a while.

What is my reason for this apparently sudden action? Well, it isn’t exactly sudden, to start with. As my writing has matured over the past few months, I have also found my ideas changing too. I became unsettled with the ‘oneofthem1s’ label I have previously given myself. My website’s design became outdated (if it was ever ‘indated’ in the first place – which I doubt, by the way) and it was always tedious to update anyway. It became a chore from which I was seeing little fruit. Meanwhile, my blog has flourished through my theological year that has been F.P. Impact. Originally, ‘Standard 10’ was quickly set up on a dull week day in mid-October 2010 as a fun preview to my ‘bigger’ main website, but it’s never really been that. It’s always been the one I preferred updating, because it’s simpler, easier and, if you’re reading right now, clearly more accessible to people like yourself.

So it is with that in mind that I have decided to mix my original idea from three years ago – when I excitedly declared to people that I was going to set up my very own website on which I could put my writing for all to see – in with an easily accessible blog service such as this one. I am in the process dropping the ‘oneofthem1s’ moniker altogether (I’m sure many of you will be glad to hear that, if only because you’ll now be able to find me in search engines or come straight here with the web address without having to ask me how it’s spelt) and rebranding into something fresh – but I’m still working on that part, which is why it’s not happening immediately and we’re left with this little transitional period. Essentially, things won’t change that much; I’m not suddenly developing a new writing style or anything like that. But expect different colours, different categories, a different name; the same ambitious author.

In the meantime, please take the time to read some of the reviews I’ve transferred over. My own personal favourite is in there somewhere. One contains my fondest childhood memories. And one has you taking control of a disturbed individual searching for his wife while being relentlessly pursued through an abandoned town by a red-coloured pyramid with a large knife. Naturally.


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