The one where he finally discovers the meaning of life.

Hey you.

Yes, you.

The person who doesn’t check out my website because I don’t update it very often and my reviews are too long.

I have something to say to you.

Welcome to my blog! I write this nice alternative for you, you know. No idea why you’d rather read about my life and other random stuff (in fact, it’s mostly ‘other random stuff’) when you could instead be checking out my reviews of Uncharted 3 or latest cinema releases like The Dark Knight Rises and Amazing Spider-Man, but I’m not complaining.

I still like you, no matter how many times you ask me what oneofthem1s means. Really, is my head the only one in which it makes any sense? It could take a while to give an accurate description, because it has more than one meaning. What it could mean for one person may be different from what it means for the next person, so I’ll just tell you how the idea essentially formed in my mind.

We have to go back two years… Having just rediscovered my passion for writing, but knowing prolonged motivation would be hard without some kind of audience, I started thinking about what I could do with it. Creating my own website seemed an obvious answer at the time; I had known someone in my previous year at university who had done the same thing for their writing. Of course, they had named their website after themselves, and this presented my only problem. I disliked the idea of naming it after myself (I know some people do this because it’s easier for internet browsers to find you on search engines, and it’s more professional if you’re using your website simply for a portfolio, but I’ve always had a desire to do things differently). I thought it would be arrogant of me. Yet still, creating your own website is arrogant in itself. You tell people to check it out because, in all honesty, you think you’re pretty good at what you do and you want them to know it. I wasn’t prideful, but I understood that in order to do this properly, I would, to an extent, have to become prideful. And I wanted people to remember what they read, so I’d have to attach something to it. In the end, it was obvious. I created the ‘oneofthem1s’ name both to use it as an alias and to show that it’s exactly what I had become: one of those prideful people who wants you (who needs you) to read everything they write.

You could relate it, I suppose, to how a student works through three or four years at university for their right to be recognised at graduation (could, but we won’t, because we know they’re actually very different – not least because a writer has no divine right to be recognised).

I had my graduation ceremony last weekend. You may have heard the rumour if you were directed here from a certain social networking site; by heard I mean seen, and by rumour I mean photos. I’m not particularly fond of photos of myself, so I can’t say graduation was the most important part of my year, or even my university experience, but I get the importance of it for proud family members. Their thrill and enjoyment of the event (mixed with the tiniest bit of relief, I’m sure, that their investment has been worth it) made the endless congratulations and posh robes seem almost bearable, even if it does mean there’s an extra photo that I’ll be forced to look back on with embarrassment for years to come.

As for the ceremony, well, yeah… it was a ceremony. Duration: 90 minutes. Dress code: graduation gowns. Speaker: Shiela Hancock, who was the university’s chancellor up until stepping down this summer. She gave an emotive speech about the importance of education, telling us how excellently we’d all done and how (as an actress) she’s spent at least 50% of her career unemployed, in what was clearly a ringing endorsement amid great optimism over our future. Either that, or she was just trying to comfort us in preparation for the looming unemployment line, like a mother’s reassurances that “it doesn’t mean you’re not special” when her son doesn’t get picked to play Joseph in the school play.

Aside from that, there’s not much else to say. It was nice seeing familiar faces again. Most of us sat in secret hope of watching a comrade fall over on stage (we would, of course, have shown great sympathy as they arrived back at their seat) or trip and pretend they meant to do it.

Waiting to head out on stage felt like queuing up for an amusement park ride as we proceeded in nervous silence through the dim backstage area, smiling respectfully when confirming our names. Everyone wore robes. Everything was very ceremonial. We could all pretend we weren’t about to head out towards indefinite uncertainty a couple of hours later. Part of me even dared to enjoy the experience, but I wouldn’t say it’s going to have any lasting effect on me as a person.

What I value more from my time at the University of Portsmouth are things like the friends I’ve made on my course and at Solent Community Church, and my editing position with The Galleon as I held the gaming section together (with great effort). This position has been especially important in developing my own writing styles. Let’s also not forget that were it not for my university experience, I may not have been inspired to create my own website in the first place. These variables are what decide our paths in life, rather than a graduation ceremony.

One final thing. I remember asking a friend once if he had ever thought about starting a blog, to which he responded that he didn’t know what he would write a blog about. Well, neither did I. On this blog I’ve tried to be as diverse as possible, encompassing many different topics, sometimes committing to a certain style before changing my mind soon after. This shouldn’t be surprising or unexpected, as I’m a writer and I created it just to write. However, in September I will be undertaking a new project as part of the next chapter of my life, prompting me to reconsider whether I should actually write a blog about a certain thing (which I’ll keep you in suspense about for now).

I’m not saying my usual blogging will change, as I’ll still have my other blog on my website. You know, that one you don’t check out because I don’t update it very often and my… wait a minute, this entry is twice as long as any review I’ve written recently! Hmm…


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