Standard 20.5.

It’s seemed to go really fast, hasn’t it? Back in August I posted my master prediction of how I thought the end of season Premier League table would look in what is still, to this day, my most popular entry (mostly because everyone disagreed with what I was saying…hmm).

We are officially half way through the season, and I think it’s safe to say I was right about some things and very, very wrong about others. What I will do now is re-evaluate the situation and make (what should be) a more realistic prediction.

Don’t worry; my original predictions still stand and they’re the ones I want to be held accountable on when we get to May. But these are just to ensure that my self-respect remains intact… At least, some of it does. A little? Okay none, but this is fun to do anyway…

Arsenal – August prediction: 2nd – Nothing like a humbling experience to kick us off, eh? I had boldly suggested Arsenal would mount a title challenge this year, but they have once again crashed and burned. Looking at their current position, they could still acheive a top 4 finish…but no. You won’t get top 4 Arsenal. You won’t get anything. As usual. New prediction: 6th.

Aston Villa – August prediction: 8th – This one was more on the money. Many Villa fans weren’t expecting much with McLeish in charge, fearing even possible relegation, yet they currently find themselves mid-table. Should push on and get a top half finish. New prediction: 9th.

Blackburn Rovers – August prediction: 19th – Won’t waste much time here. Admittedly they are performing better than I expected them to, but with all 3 promoted clubs looking good this season, I can’t see any hope for Blackburn. Prediction: 19th.

Bolton Wanderers – August prediction: 11th – They’ve certainly surprised me. I thought Owen Coyle wouldn’t have let them get into the position they find themselves in now, but they seem to be picking up more points and should be okay. That said, I do wish they would just get relegated already. The look on Phil Gartside’s face would be priceless. New prediction: 16th.

Chelsea – August prediction: 5th – Hmm. Interesting one this. I don’t think they’ve proved me wrong at all. If anything, they owe their current league position to Liverpool and Arsenal not getting their acts together. They should find consistency in the second part of the season though, and make it into the top three. New prediction: 3rd.

Everton – August prediction: 9th – They had a typically shaky start to the season but again, should find their consistency now and finish comfortably mid-table. Those poor, bored fans. New prediction: 11th.

Fulham – August prediction: 14th – I said their early start in Europe would have an effect on them as the season went on and I’m sticking by that. Prediction: 14th.

Liverpool – August prediction: 3rd – Oh Liverpool. You had the potential to finish 3rd this season and secure Champions League football again, but I fear now you’ve let it slip away purely through carelessness. Maybe for good. New prediction: 5th. (I did, however, say they could win a cup this year, and they look a decent bet for that).

Manchester City – August prediction: 6th – Okay, I guess this is worse than the Arsenal one. I’m almost ashamed to say it in the face of such a turnaround but…they’re my champions… (Sniff). New prediction: 1st.

Manchester United – August prediction: 1st – I guess I was right when I said I couldn’t see who would overthrow them. I literally couldn’t, and now, I stand corrected. New prediction: 2nd.

Newcastle – August prediction: 13th – To be fair, I did say they were the hardest team to predict. I knew deep down that there was the potential for a good season, but with Newcastle you just never know. Things can go south very quickly. For this season, they should maintain their current form long enough to secure a top seven finish and possible European spot. Next year, they’ll probably be relegated. New prediction: 7th.

Norwich City – August prediction: 20th – Okay. I admit it. This is worse than the Arsenal and Man City ones. But did anyone really see this coming from Norwich City? They seem to be giving even the top teams some trouble. You’ve been a breath of fresh air Norwich. I promise I’ll be kinder to you next time around. New prediction: 10th.

Q.P.R. – August prediction: 17th – I said Warnock wouldn’t last all season and in that respect I was right. Has Mark Hughes done anything to convince me that it won’t still go right to the wire for Queens Park Rangers? No. You’re going all the way boys. Let me know how it smells. Prediction: 17th.

Stoke City – August prediction: 18th – Another one that I got embarassingly wrong. I’m glad that I did though. Stoke are the Premier League’s most recent underdog story and long may it continue for them. They will tail off as they go further in Europe (which I think they will), but not in the disastrous style that I predicted all those months ago. New prediction: 12th.

Sunderland – August prediction: 7th – Expected a little more from them, but again, I’m not that far off. They’re a consistent team. In danger of becoming a little boring, granted, but you can’t have everything. New prediction: 8th.

Swansea City – August prediction: 12th – Are being overshadowed by Norwich’s success, but Swansea have nonetheless done magnificently this season. As long as they keep concentrating, they shouldn’t be in any trouble of relegation from here on in. New prediction: 15th.

Tottenham Hotspur – August prediction: 4th – They’ve done just as well as I thought they would. Wait, that’s not strictly true; they’ve done even better. Although the recent loss to Man City will probably make them believe they no longer have a chance of the title, they should secure a top 4 spot. Prediction: 4th.

West Bromwich Albion – August prediction: 10th – Roy Hodgson has underachieved with West Brom in my eyes. Their fans will be pleased that there isn’t much danger of relegation, but I think they should be expecting more in future. New prediction: 13th.

Wigan Athletic – August prediction: 15th – Should have seen this one coming. The one season I don’t pick Wigan out for relegation will most likely be the one season they do go down, like a lead balloon. New prediction: 20th.

Wolves – August prediction: 16th – Wolves don’t seem like they’ve done a lot wrong, but the problem is they just don’t have the quality. I think they’ll fight to the last second. In fact, who’s to say they won’t survive and dump Q.P.R. down in their place?

Well, me. That’s who. New prediction: 18th.


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