Washing the News.

Just thought I’d break stereotype by posting twice in as many days, after going a full month without anything.

This is essentially just a news update. I’m back in Portsmouth, at university. Some things have changed for the better, as in I’ve got a job already, and a little position for the university newspaper, known in academic circles (or, ‘the students’) as Pugwash News. I’m the new gaming and technology editor guys!

So I’d like to take the opportunity now, not to thank all those who have made this possible (because honestly, aside from myself, I’m struggling to think of names), but just to say that you can get involved too! I’m currently looking for possible article/reviewing ideas from you, the reader, and actual articles/reviews from anyone who would like to see their name in the paper (I can now make this happen).

Tell me what you would like to read and what you expect, not just from Pugwash, but from my website as well. Your feedback is important to me because, despite the mask carefully designed to cover my insecurities, I’m actually (…whisper it…) quite humble.

Also, it shouldn’t come as any surprise, certainly not at this point, that posts on this blog may become a little less frequent now that I’ve got so many other duties to fill my time with, i.e. a dissertation (which I shall share with you properly in a future post), an editing position in a frequently published newspaper, a part-time job at Game, other random essays to be written and exams to be taken, a novel/screenplay that I really need to put more time and effort into, weekly reviews for the website, and other simple hobbies such as watching films and reading books. I’ll have to fit a potential gym membership/exercise of some sort in there as well, along with church-related activities. So, I was thinking of making this a fortnightly thing, from today. Posts on my main website will now be more frequent than on this blog (…hintity hint hint).

In the near future, my schedule could potentially become even more action packed. National Novel Writing month (a challenge in which you have to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days) starts on the 1st of November, which, come to think of it, is about 12 days from now. I was thinking this may provide me with some kind of motivation to actually write a novel (albeit a very rushed, no doubt very bad one). Thoughts?

Something else I will keep you updated on is my involvement with One World Week (a university run week celebrating different cultures and other exciting stuff) at the end of February. I have been offered the opportunity to blog about events before and during the week. It will be more official (and, dare I say, more interesting) stuff than what we currently have on here, and I will probably be creating a totally new blog specifically for that purpose (I will redirect you, don’t worry).

But none of that stuff really matters. What really matters, right now, is the fact that I’ve posted again, two days after the last one. Ha! The dreaded confidence is returning. Again.


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