The Cyclone.

Okay, so thankfully I’ve got a whole backlog of things to talk about from the past two weeks. Two weeks in which I’ve broken a few things, including the back wheel of a mountain bike, head phone and, well, sound capabilities in general on my laptop, and lastly, I only closed the garage door hard enough to bring down an entire shelf full of stuff on top of that bike I mentioned before. And it doesn’t even belong to me.

Believe it or not, all of these things have now been repaired. Until the next time.

In the past few days I’ve also tasted Gatorade (my verdict is favourable) and what Hollywood films will drive certain people to in the cinema. Certain people sitting in the row in front of you, that is, on an ipad, playing games and listening to inappropriately loud Lady Gaga music on said ipad, all while sitting beside a wife/ girlfriend who no doubt felt distinctly less than impressed that her man was choosing digital Scrabble over her. If you’re not going to choose the moments before the film to talk to the person you’ve came to watch it with then I really have to wonder about your timing, and at which point in the evening you do plan on doing this, but everyone’s different I guess.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure what exactly Gatorade is. I only found out myself a few weeks ago through my vast Caribbean contact network that it’s quite an energizing form of colourful juice available in three flavours, soon to be four if you join the movement.

Speaking of the Caribbean, who remembers the little rumours I started near the end of May about what climate change is set to do to it and the Yeti population? I only remind you now because, before next week, you may want to go back and refresh your memory of it. I’m just saying, you know, maybe the story’s not totally tied up yet. It was kind of left on a knife edge, I’d say…

And yes, my last three entries before getting all serious last week were building up to a review of Supernatural: Season 5. A good show missed out on by a lot of people, unfortunately.

But back to a temperamental entity known as the mountain bike. I tried to take it up an actual mountain last week, in the rain and mud. Needless to say everything didn’t go as planned, partly thanks to an annoying habit that I acknowledge I must get over quickly if I am to survive in the fitness profession. I’ll admit it’s a stupid one; worse than going around turning off outlets with no plugs in them (that one actually makes a lot of sense to me). It’s the refusal to change gears unless my survival absolutely depends on it, and that’s not often (…right?). I’m capable of changing gears. I’m perfectly familiar with the art of doing it. Maybe I just fear change in general, although when it gets down to something this insignificant, you start to wonder if the notion is being taken a wee bit too far.

I better stop there. It’s for the best. I’m sure anything I’ve missed will be covered in the near future. Speaking of the future, I’ll be changing scenery again soon. I’m heading back to the realm of real life.


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