No Rest for the Wicked.

Someone mentioned that it was Summer to me recently. Oh so that’s what the blinding yellow light is outside, that I glimpse when I pull my glazed-over eyes away from a computer screen to peep in windows across the street; it’s the sun, a somewhat rare commodity in a land trying to break its own stereotypical image. Looks nice doesn’t it?

Of course I go out every day. I was joking before. You know, joking, that thing I tend to do quite regularly around here to cover up my own innocuous insecurities (yes I did have to double-check what that word meant).

Anyway, I would like to be truthful for once, to own up to a gaping fault in my contradictory work ethic. It’s not that my work ethic is bad, in fact it’s been pretty good recently. I’ve got reviews done that I wanted to get done. Not many people have been reading them (it’s still in the low hundreds…), which I say is okay because I’m writing mainly for myself at the moment. That viewpoint remains until about ten seconds later, when I realise NO! I have to get people to read them, I have to start promoting so that the wider community is aware of my existence, and yes, I’ll start that… Straight after I write this next review, which I won’t see as suitable for new readers to get their first impression of me, leading to just one more review once again, with my original argument covering my back should anyone ask. The cycle has been continuing, so right now, I’m making an effort to end it. After one more review.

Perhaps there’s a fear in me that once the online community gets their teeth into my website then all of a sudden they’ll start controlling it, thinking they can order certain changes and before long I’ll be criticising pieces of dust in the atmosphere due to popular demand. Would J-horror week have happened if I worked on popular demand? No, it wouldn’t have, so I’m going to resist that movement should it happen.

But back to the summertime. Personally I’ve been spending it mostly with family. Older generations, most of whom are still novices around the internet. Did you know, dear readers, that when your grandparents were young, they had no internet? Maybe they didn’t even have a phone. The only way they could keep long distance contact was to write letters, or walk to the corner of the street and step inside a box similar to the one you can see flying around in Doctor Who nowadays.

And lastly, an apology. Yes, an apology, from actual me to actual you, for I’ve been concentrating too much on my other website in these last few posts. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of that. They are separate, so let’s keep them so. I reserve the right for one more, as Captain America comes out this week and you should know what that calls for, but after that, I promise to start talking about events in the sun a little more.

Suggestions of other possible topics are forbidden.


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