3 i’s and 2 c’s make oneofthem1s.

It’s currently J-horror week so I’ll keep this relatively short.

Truth is, I’m procrastinating. But I’ll have you know I’m perfectly within my rights to procrastinate after what happened earlier this evening, when the finishing touches to my review of Dark Water turned out not to be such finishing touches, as I clicked the ‘save’ button and was greeted seconds later by the message ‘Internet Explorer cannot display the web page’. Wait a minute, I thought, what does this mean exactly, for all that original irreplaceable work I’ve just done? Did it save? If not, why not? Why did the internet choose this moment to stop working efficiently? Shouldn’t I be trying to remember everything I wrote rather than writing a blog entry moaning about the situation?

No it didn’t save, not too sure why (although the phrase just to annoy you comes to mind as I look into the screen staring arrogantly back at me with apparent aloofness about the whole situation), and writing a blog entry right now is the closest I can come to punching my computer without actually breaking it.

It’s important that I maintain my composure in this situation because I know this was a test of my integrity, which is really what the whole week has been about. Proving that I can write reviews with the regularity required of someone like, for example, a professional critic.

I know it’s possible because when I start writing a review I’m hit with an intensity (not to get it done fast, but to get it done right) that doesn’t subside until I’m finished, but when events outside of my control disrupt what I’m working towards it knocks my confidence. Luckily I’m intelligent enough to realise this won’t affect the bigger picture, but sooner or later schedules will have to be stuck to and promises kept.

Perhaps keeping things short when I say I’m going to keep them short would be a good start.


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