Shining through the Rain.

A hint to those who have trouble judging a situation for themselves: black clouds usually mean a bit of rainfall is on its way, and you really shouldn’t think to yourself that it’s the best moment to go out cycling just to fulfill a need to live dangerously. Otherwise, you WILL get caught in said rain storm, and WILL have to come trudging back home with tail between thoroughly soaked legs.

This event came after glorious sunshine this morning, but I suppose I’ve come to expect this from my home country, a place where the rise of a new national sporting hero (Rory McIlroy) is overshadowed because it happened to take place in the same week as three consecutive nights of rioting in East Belfast. I’m sorry, but hadn’t we got over this type of thing years ago? I’m not even sure what they’re arguing over this time because I don’t watch the news any more (pretty sure I can find less depressing hobbies), and the only thing annoying me about the situation is the police helicopter overhead, bothering my beauty sleep.

It could only happen in Northern Ireland. A place where national footballers can choose to play for a different national team, regardless of which side of the border their parents were born on. You can see why they do this, as when the Northern Irish team aren’t making headlines by beating England, or beating Spain, or drawing with the Faroe Islands, they largely tend to slip right under the radar, and the Republic are much more likely to qualify for major tournaments.

But that is a whole blog in itself. Right now I feel like I’m talking about things I really have no right to, especially when I find it hard summoning the energy to write anything approaching meaningful due to my stressful position with the Student Loans Company, who still refuse to confirm whether I’m actually getting any money off them or not.

It’s a good thing I have faith.

Another blog in itself right there. One which I’ll come back to in a few days. Now, I should really think about getting some sleep soon…..


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