Search and Destroy.

My tendency to profusely procrastinate (try saying that out loud) is well established and this past week I discovered a whole new way in which to do it – just lose something in an attic full of rubbish, then try finding it again.

Driven by a purely nostalgic urge and a need to research the secret behind addictive Japanese RPGs, with just a little bit of morbid curiosity mixed in to make a potent cocktail, I searched out my Game Boy Advance at the weekend with the intention of paying a visit to all of my old Pokemon friends from over 10 years ago.

Finding that was the easy part. What had slipped my mind was the fact that handheld consoles run on battery power, and the charger for the clear-coloured little pet house had been misplaced, most likely lurking at the bottom of one of the numerous boxes stored in the dark dingy goblin-infested dungeon above my head. At that point I would usually give up but with no money, and looking for any excuse to get out of actually doing some writing at some point, I decided to humour my own curiosity.

In my search I ended up finding everything except the very thing I was looking for, old Superman toys and Blackpool tram models included. I don’t know if other people have this problem or if it’s just the ones who label themselves obsessive compulsive, but when I’m confronted with a room full of boxes, I tend to start working my way around the sides of the room before covering the ones in the middle. Well, in future, a different method is required: I eventually found the bulky plug in an old backpack sitting arrogantly dead centre. They probably conspired with each other beforehand, intentionally hiding in the last place I’d look just to smite me.

When I sat back to feel guilty about looking for a charger to play an ancient game no-one really cares about any more instead of using my time productively, I reminded myself of a lesson that I can teach you now: never give up. Yeah, I didn’t exactly learn 23 languages or visit the seven wonders of the world, and I probably spent more time looking for it than I did actual playing afterwards, but the principle is the same no matter how small or insignificant the task turns out to be.

Speaking of tasks, I should mention the recent spark of activity in the forums of my website. Sounds promising, although when the title of a post reads ‘Never be reluctant to look for partnership therapy‘ or ‘Stop using acne creams!‘ you really start to suspect it’s not exactly films they’re discussing, and if it’s personal feedback for me then I think they’re choosing the wrong mode of expression.

Despite initial (tiring) attempts to modify the spam, I’ve decided to just relax a little, because at least the much-neglected forum is getting some usage, and if it ultimately means I’m getting more traffic then I don’t see why this can’t be turned into a positive. I just ask you take the time to check out the distraction of my latest review before getting to the marriage counselling advertisements.


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