Yesterday, I was at a wedding. The bride looked nice, everyone was in good spirits, and I was busy searching for plug outlets that people had not bothered to turn off after removing the vacuum cleaner from them.

It’s not too much to ask, is it? I look at it as a safety issue; you don’t want someone placing their finger somewhere it shouldn’t be and getting an unfortunate shock as a result. Plus, it saves energy, no matter how much people try to convince me that no power exudes from the source when there’s nothing for it to flow through. I don’t buy that theory. If that was true, there would be no point in having a manual switch in the first place, would there?

I’ve never considered this a serious enough issue to be added to my list of serious issues, but as more and more individuals pass off stupid little habits as some sort of debilitating form of OCD, I feel I may as well jump on the disability bandwagon.

No, the outlet thing is not the problem. In fact, my OCD could be considered admirable, even helpful, rather than unreasonable. This opinion began forming in my mind as I searched high and wide for the reasoning behind my inconsistent review output, which even I struggled to understand. The answer lay in my need to read over what I’ve written again and again, to make sure it’s the best it could be, and if it’s not, my confidence is knocked and performance affected.

At times I’ve been known for perfectionism, and in the case of writing, video game playing and film watching, I certainly fall under this bracket. I will always adamantly watch DVDs right to the end of the credits, although strangely this doesn’t seem to apply to the cinema (probably because the films found there are all identical). Rules for video games are a little more flexible, although if it’s an adventure game or an RPG, everything will have to be collected up and every part of the plot explored.

There are those that doubt whether writer’s block exists, casting it off as laziness or an excuse for writers to throw paper balls at the wall. But what everyone else needs to understand is that creative people (or me at least, and I wouldn’t take that as a balanced opinion) live in fear of suddenly losing their creativity one day. That’s why there is a need for perfectionism. A debilitating disability it may technically be, but I can think of much worse ailments to suffer from.

P.S. Here are some links to things I haven’t mentioned recently, like my reviews of Jason and the Argonauts, Mogworld, Thor 3-D, Insidious and The Hangover Part 2, along with a nice feature on Zero Punctuation, all to be found over on my grown-up website. I’ll see you back here next week, safe and sound, if my OCD allows it.


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