All good things…

So, who remembers the idea I had at the beginning of the year to start a new resolution each month? Probably not many of you, as I stopped going on about them once they got hard around March time. Also, I was hoping to stay updated with them via this blog, revealing a new one each month, but as there were no posts in March, well that point is kind of defeated already, isn’t it?

Fear not. Just because I’ve stopped talking about them doesn’t mean they’re not happening. The first two, as you know, were not offending people and no alcohol for January and February respectively. They’ve been reasonably successful thus far, and will continue on to the end of the year. March presented me with a new type of challenge, that being to learn Japanese, something which I already had a head start in after studying it briefly in the 2008/09 academic year. That one, I’ll be honest, is still a work-in-progress, but I did at least make a start at it in March, which is what will count in the grand scheme of things.

On to April, then, and another continuation of something I had started before but never really committed to: begin writing ‘Superheroes’. That’s a codename, not the title, for a story I’ve been planning for a few years now, although I’ve never really been able to get past the note taking stage. Until now, when my stern committment to each resolution has combined with the vast amounts of free time I now have at home, along with a touch of inspiration from elsewhere, to get me writing again.

Which brings us to May. No big one this month, really. I’ll just be learning how to play guitar.

But back to that subject of writing again: you’ll notice I’ve started writing regular reviews recently, for the first time in four months, although work on my website is still not as regular as I would like it to be. Therefore, I’m going to do something now which I’ve done before but not stuck to: set a schedule. Something tells me I’ll have the motivation to stick to it this time. The updates on this blog, Standard 10, will be reduced to once a week, starting from today, so next Wednesday and so on (they will also be posted earlier in the day than the current time, which I read as 23.14).

New reviews/ features will be published on the main website every Friday. This doesn’t apply to the blog over there, though, which I will be updating every few days, or as I see fit. You’ll see that it’s a completely new blog for a new start. Why not just stick with this blog, then? Isn’t this a simpler way of updating people with your life? Well, yes, but it almost feels like cheating. I have a big bad website on the other side of the internet, which I want to become my main office while also keeping this blog here as a reminder of my roots. Besides, this feels more like fast food compared to the 3 course dinner that I will have to work harder for, but will feel so much more fulfilling when I’m 40.

Ugh, I’m rambling again.

Now that we’re past the technicalities, I suppose you’ll be wanting the annual update on my life. Okay… Still no money, been cycling more than walking lately, I’m currently watching through the fourth season of Supernatural and I’ve started playing Final Fantasy VIII again.


P.S. The sun’s still here.


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