The Precipice.

Money, as they say, does not grow on trees. To my dismay, I have only recently realised this fact, as I try to survive the next few weeks on what little pennies I can find rattling around in my bank account, my sock drawer, or if needs be, the nearest and least secured cash register.

But here’s the point where it really gets me: it’s not the ‘earning no money’ thing (as I believe, perhaps suicidally, that that will somehow sort itself out), it’s the belief among others in society that, because I am not earning money and therefore have no immediate theoretical proof of my worth to the governments economic gravy train, I am not working.

I am actually working again, on a website. Of course, it’s still under construction and I’m almost fearful to advertise it properly yet because I’m well aware of the vast amounts of editing that must be done on those loooong reviews I wrote way last year, but it’s getting there.

Anyone else would feel the same under the circumstances. It’s like a new-born baby that I’m trying to prepare for the real world before cutting the umbilical cord and letting it out of my sight… Actually, it’s probably nothing like that, come to think of it.

On the editing list is to brighten up the dullness of the text, which I’ve realised isn’t too good for your eyes, or indeed your general mood, if you’ve been encouraged by some nutjob to “definitely check it out it’s absolutely brilliant!” And speaking of brightness, this brings me on to my next point: the sun. In Belfast. Being all hot and warm and…bright. And we haven’t even reached summer yet. Should have expected it after the minus 20 conditions over Christmas I suppose, as these seasons tend to work in direct opposition to each other, but still, it’s nice, and is keeping my mood happy while I’m home.

…Oh, and if the weather suddenly turns now, it honestly wasn’t my fault. I promise.


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