Man in White / Man in Black.

My goodness, it does feel like a long time since I’ve been on here. If you didn’t know any better, you would think my name was Yahtzee Croshaw, with all my lax updating of this website business.

But here I am. It’s like I’m back from the dead or something. Back wiser than before, but still with the same generic personality traits of sarcasm and negatively fuelled critical viewpoints.

I suppose I owe explanations, both for my unexplained AWOL 50-something days (who really counted, right?) and for the breakdown I seemed to be having in the weeks leading up to it. Save it for the journals, Graeme. That’s what I should have told myself. The private memoirs, the little pieces of paper on which you could write down all of your frustrations before discarding them all in the paper bin once you’d gotten over your bout of doubtfulness and subsequent depression.

You see, we all go through it. Those periods when we believe deep down that we deserve better than we’re actually getting, but on the surface can’t get over the feeling that we are total failures for not being perfect all of the time. Is that the best way I can explain it? Probably not, but to be totally honest I’d rather forget January and about half of February for good.

Well, forget is the wrong word. Learn from would be more appropriate. There were some good experiences that came out of it. For example; also worth talking about is how I was listed as a contributor in the latest issue of the Official Playstation Magazine. Not that I like to blow my own trumpet, but if you are at all interested in the least, then you will be able to find the uncharacteristically negative review of Warriors: Legends of Troy on page 108 in issue 55, the spring 2011 one. Away you go now, and show them that including me in the mag boosts their profits significantly. Ahem.

One thing they had to do, of course, with a dangerous renegade like me being the writer, was edit the review, meaning it differs a little from my usual style. For the purists among you, I’ve went and put up the unedited version on my website, alongside OPM’s version for those who can’t afford/ can’t be bothered going to the shop to buy the paperback copy. Enjoy!

In other news, I’m currently residing in Belfast once again, and I’m not even going to comment on how the journey went. You all know by now how my journeys go.

So why’d I do it? Why not just stick it out with uni until the end of my third year, rather than appearing to decide completely out of the blue to take my ball and go home? Well, it’s hard to explain, so I’m going to stick to my usual habit and not even try. All I’ll say is, this is something I felt had to be done. I’ve decided to take control of my own life, make my own rules, follow the path that I’m destined for, rather than that which others try and set for me. In a sense, I’ve taken the first step in my mission to break free of the system.

……………………I’ve done it again, haven’t I. Remind me in future that this is supposed to be a blog I’m writing here.


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