There was a recurring dream I used to have growing up. Or rather, two separate recurring dreams. I’m not refering to the nightmare about the bananaman coming to get me during the one night when there just so happened to be no more stars in the sky (that was simply one single dream, which was so vivid I remember it to this day, around 15 years later); no, what I’m talking about is my proportional dreams where, in one, everything around me seemed massive, so massive that it literally felt like there was no room for me, and in the other one, my surroundings are miniscule, so small that I can see it all before me, like a newly appointed King looking over his Kingdom and wondering, “right, so now what?” Both dreams were stressful in their own ways. I feel like I’m beginning to understand them now: maybe I’m more prophetic than I thought I was, and my oh my, wouldn’t that be an interesting gift to find out you have.

But wait- that would mean the bananaman is coming………..


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