Resolutions and Revelations.

Remind me in future to update this thing earlier in the day, as it will mean me getting to bed sooner and will also prevent confusion over when posts are actually posted. Like that time everyone thought I was sad and lonely enough to write an entry on Christmas Day for example, or the more recent occasion of me talking about how ‘I found out about getting a review published today’, when it was yesterday according to the date I posted on thanks to my writing extending into the early hours of the morning, at which point I would much rather be doing something more depressing, like playing through Silent Hill 2 again with all the lights off. On that nite- sorry, note….

From the first of February my second resolution will officially take effect, and it’s a crazily homicidal, amazingly ambitious one: no more alcohol.

“Why take such drastic action?” I imagine you asking under your breath, unable to say it out loud due to the fear that someone next door might be listening and would clearly think you’re insane or something (although if that is the case then I really think you’ve got bigger things to worry about than their frighteningly accurate personal opinions), but let me assure you that it isn’t drastic at all.

I tried a little tas- sorry, test of this terrific magic trick last year and it worked for quite a while. The beauty of not drinking for an extended amount of time is that when you do decide to try out the stuff again, you notice yourself getting a lot happier, a lot quicker. Or maybe that’s just me. My educated gue- sorry, point, is; it’s not impossible to do and doesn’t totally ruin your life or forever prevent you from functioning socially, contrary to popular student belief.

Besides, living off orange juice and soft drinks has general life benefits in other ways, such as health, money, attitude, eyesight, skin tone, etc. And if it means I choose writing a review when I’m feeling dow- sorry, weird, (wait….what?) over having a drink to make things seem better then that can only be a good thing.

Tomorrow, I discipline my other child over spending so much time ‘under construction’, and kick it back into working order, with new reviews and brand new sections to boot. For now, though, it’s 11.48pm, I’m Graeme Stevenson, and a certain PS2 psychological horror game is calling my name like a siren luring sailors to their deaths, so if you’ll excuse me…..

P.S. There is a clause in my no alcohol pledge that allows me to drink cocktails. Don’t ask me how it got there; it’s not like I make my own rules you know. Ahem.


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