Show business!

I found out today that an actual review that I actually wrote last week at the OPM office will get a whole half page spread in the next issue of the magazine. Half a page may not sound that impressive, but it was a bad game, okay, so it had a 350 word limit, and apparently it’s one of the biggest ‘workie’ (in other words, ‘work experience person’) reviews they’ve ever run. So let me have my moment of pride.

It makes me think of that time last week when I came striding into reception on the Thursday morning and the nice receptionist lady asked, “are you freelance?” I had to correct her of course, feeling slightly embarrassed that in actual fact I was just on work experience, an otherwise unemployed student, the lowest of the low, but I did have a brief surge of proud satisfaction with the thought of at least looking ‘freelance’.

Along with boosting my confidence, last week taught me one or two other things as well. For example, I have this habit of double spacing after every full stop for the start of a new sentence. Like.>  <This. You’ll notice I’m not doing it any more though! I’ve been rightly corrected for my literary indiscipline. I have no idea who taught me to do it that way, unfairly breeding it into me like a dog being allowed to eat at the dinner table when you know that’s not the socially acceptable way everything should happen, but thankfully it’s never too late to get over bad habits.

Speaking of bad habits, new films tend to have a particularly debilitating one of letting their release dates slip. This is what has happened with ‘that Hollywood film I’m in’, Your Highness, which has been pushed back to May, meaning by the time I see it, it will be almost two years since I got naked in a cold forest with a bunch of other guys to watch Natalie Portman trying relentlessly to put a stick in the ground and James Franco studying for his English degree.

All that effort, and in the end the only thing you’ll probably see of me in the finished product is a three second shot of the back of my head. There’s certainly no other business quite like it.


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