Just can’t stop bringing that white stuff up….

Here I am in the library once again, trying to tie up a few loose ends from 2 weeks ago.

Isn’t it annoying how time doesn’t just stop for you when you need it to?  I would greatly appreciate it because I have a lot to do, yet it mercilessly keeps along its merry path, blissfully ignorant of everyone else’s problems, and even its own problems; it’s sure to run out some time.  Actually, maybe that’s more our problem.

I can feel the next 4 months hanging over me like an Everest avalanche just waiting for you to get half way up the mountain so it can then bury all your hopes and dreams under a heavy and not-as-comfortable-as-you’d-imagine blanket of snow.  Whereas it usually takes most people by surprise, I’m expecting it this time around, so I would like to think I’m in a reasonably good position to deal with it all in a calm and collected manner without the customary mental breakdown that accompanies such an incident.  Bring it on I say.

Uni work, that is.  I’ll be glad when it decides to stop bullying me in the run-up to the big fight, only to subsequently make me feel guilty when I decide to opt out of the main event and duck all the big punches on the undercard.  Then I slip out out the back door before having to face the inevitable awkward questions in the after-match press conference.  Well, that’s how it would all happen in a much more exciting alternate reality.

Soon I hope to get many more readers.  To keep those readers, I may need to brighten this blog up a little.  You know, to make it more into something that other people might actually be interested in, rather than just using it to randomly yap on about all my grievances.  So it may become a little less pessimistic.  Of course, that doesn’t mean it will be any less sarcastic, hell no, I said I wanted to make it more appealing, not destroy the whole point of it entirely.  The sarcasm stays, thank you very much.  It would be crazy to do away with my greatest strength.


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