I’m having a Bath!

Shouldn’t really be doing this right now as it’s against the rules, but you know what?  How often do you get the opportunity to say you’re blogging from the office of Official Playstation Magazine?

Those chances rarely present themselves, I can tell you.  Yet, that’s exactly what I’m up to.

Here I am, sitting in the office where it all happens, one of the team (for now at least), doing fun little tasks, listening intently to technical ‘official’ talk over review scores, First Play editing, interviews with big developers, special business trips to Japan, important phone calls to studios.  Forget University!  This is the type of education I want right here.

It might actually convince me to put aside my differences with Pugwash and write a thing or two for them in the next few months before I’m forced to fend for myself in the big bad scary world.

Yes, it turns out these people, whose words I’ve been reading for upwards of 12 years now, are not gods after all; they are normal like…. Wait, I was going to say like me there.

Unlike me, they are normal everyday guys and girls, just writing words for a living in the same way you would work at a till in your local tesco store.  And I love them for it.  Even when they’re correcting errors in my own writing.  Which I also love them for, by the way.  I’m learning a lot here.

Now, stop bothering me!


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