Cryptic clues.

I really should stop promising people updates when I’ve got other stuff to deal with.  It’s not like I’ve been overly busy, and a relatively eventful week has just passed so it’s not as if I’m short on material to write about.  I just can’t right now.

In Japan, a person who never speaks is considered the most intelligent of the group, the most respected, whilst a man who speaks too much is considered foolish.  In the West, it seems the opposite is true.  Only when someone loves the sound of their own voice do they become inundated with praise from others, singled out for either leadership by their besotted fans or exile by their fearful superiors, while keeping yourself to yourself will instil a feeling among your peers that you have nothing to offer, and if you do then you’re foolish for not sharing it.

It’s debatable which side of the world has called it right; I’ve seen examples of both cases here, in that sometimes a quiet person is a dark horse, but equally they may be quiet simply because they can’t keep up with everyone else.

The reasoning behind this, from a Japanese point of view, is that listening is the best way to gain more knowledge from your surroundings, and that bit is totally true.  It’s what school should be teaching the next generation; listen, and everything else will come naturally.  Unfortunately they’re too interested in fast tracking to the Mathematics and Science part of the curriculum to care, because you can’t exactly put good listener down on your C.V. as the job clincher, and those league tables aren’t going to compose themselves….

I listen a lot, even to things that cannot be heard.  But I’ve been forced to question whether I do this for the right reasons, one to add to a long list of questions I’ve been gathering up for a few years now.  I think they’re close to being answered, hopefully, this week.

Then there’s that other thing.  I’m heading to Bath at some point, maybe tomorrow, for what could be a potentially exciting thing to take my mind off other not-so-exciting things.  But it’s all relative, after all.  And this is all very cryptic, I realise.  I’m in a funny mood right now.  Feels like I’m between phases….

Check back in…..well, just check back.  At some point.


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