Forget 99 problems….

Sometimes I like disappearing under the radar for a while, just to give people a chance to forget all about me before I spin back into their horribly generic existences like a sugar coated bandicoot a few weeks later, creatively refreshed and ready to battle the elements for another year.  Other times I’m so snowed under (!) with Uni work that everything else regrettably takes a back seat.  In the case of my recent neglect of all things not-Uni-work related, it was the latter scenario.

Yes, University, that thing that’s been getting on my nerves for three years now.  Can’t quite put my finger on it, but something tells me I’ll take a header one day and just quit.  Hopefully I reach graduation before that happens.

May seem a bit stupid, the consideration of undertaking such an impulsive action two and a half years into a degree, but I don’t often decide things like this after a lot of logical thought, I decide it based on whatever slot my constantly fluctuating emotional turntable has landed on at the time.

And I was sitting on my flight yesterday morning at 6.45am thinking “this is going suspiciously smoothly”.  I had every right to be suspicious.  Never let it be said that I have uneventful journeys.  This latest trip across the sea saw a policeman waiting for me on the other side, blocking my path at the point where I was just sticking my ear phones in after throwing my hood up and trying to avoid eye contact.  Bit of advice: don’t try that.  All it does is make their line of questioning seem all the more intimidating.  There was nothing to worry about (of course there wasn’t….), although when his questions start off with things like “how regularly do you travel?” you do begin to doubt yourself, especially when you haven’t yet managed to get out that identification he demanded outright before he had even completed his brief journey across to block out all light from the exit.  It was like an eclipse that you weren’t sure was going to end unless you gave it a nice smile, and even then it might end up taking you with it.

But anyway, 20 questions later he hands me back my I.D., reminds me to enjoy my journey, just in case I had forgotten to naturally try and do that anyway, and off I go to the train checking behind me at regular intervals as I start to suspect it should have been me asking him for I.D.

Yeah, bit of an anti-climax on that story, but surely for me that was a good thing; it sent out feel-good vibes to the rest of the day reminding it to be nice to me………………

Think again!  A bit of criticism (which I do take very personally, by the way) from a lecturer later on, not to mention that other horrible thing I’m still bitter about, and it turns out Monday the 10th of January 2011 was just one of those days….

Wait a minute, haven’t I got an essay to be working on?!  See you back here on Friday.  It’s going to be a rough week.


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