Which way is up?

My final post of an event – filled last two months of 2010 will be no less pessimistic than usual I’m afraid.  If it’s Happy New Year you want, read every single other blog being written across the whole entire planet right at this moment.  I would like to believe I’m more original than that.

Yes, I do have resolutions planned for the next 12 months but you can bet that stating the obvious more often certainly isn’t one of them.

And when I say resolutions for the 12 months coming I do literally mean a resolution for every month: 12 of them in total.  But a resolution isn’t just for the month, it’s for life.  Or at least a year.  So I’ve decided to only reveal each resolution when we reach the specified month for that particular resolution, and then follow it up for the whole year, getting to a point next December when I’ve built up a range of 12 things I’m trying to juggle all at once with such amazing success that even I’ll struggle to believe it.  So that’s when the denial will start, although I’m not immediately familiar with such a case where a subject was so shocked that they were actually successful for once that they denied it ever happened.  But there is a first time for everything, I guess.

Anyone who has been on my website over the last week will have noticed the darker look of it recently.

There are those among you who may believe this is the result of me finally giving in to that alternate personality I don’t like to mention (woops!), but in fact it’s a change that makes perfect sense.  The ‘1ofthem1s’ trademark on the banner now looks much more appropriate, a sword and shield representing both sides of the argument as opposed to simple black and white.  The blackness of the banner just works better against the white background I write all my text on, and as people were complaining that it’s still bare, hopefully this remedies the situation for the time being.  Even the little piece of clipart has relevance; visualising the hold that technology now has over me, having reluctantly turned to the internet as the source to showcase my work.

….And I guess that’s it then.  I wish I could think of something meaningful to say in order to give this year a good send off, but I can’t.  I always get a little apprehensive at the end of a year, fearing I’ll suddenly feel different when the clock strikes 12, as in I’ll change completely.  This of course is total nonsense; I never feel any different than before and the only reason it’s a new year is because someone said that it should be when they created the Roman calendar by which we all live around 2011 years ago.  Nothing changes at all, besides a number on the end of what we call a year but which is nothing more than a helpful conversational tool originally created so we could make sense of the world and prevent us all from going completely crazy due to having no way of keeping record of anything.

So, on that note, have fun, and Happy N- Nah, you’re not getting it.


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