Dark Age.

The pressure is subconsciously getting to me – I had a dream last night about getting one of my essays back from an upset woman who felt the need to make the helpful comment that it was one of the worst things she had ever had the displeasure of reading.  So, I take it and glance down to see a great big ‘U’ branded all over it, along with another bit of written feedback, the content of which I am thankfully unable to recall.  In response to this, I could say, “well at least I haven’t actually submitted any essays thus far”, although worrying about feedback for something you haven’t even started yet doesn’t bode well for one’s confidence I presume, and pardon me for finding such self-deprecation by my own unbalanced psyche unsettling.

Moving onto another subject less about me, you would think that the natural course of events would dictate that, after an ice age, comes the flood.  This isn’t how it happens in Northern Ireland, and Belfast in particular, where the circulation of simple water has become the biggest concern just days after the most snow that we’ve had for many many years has finally melted.  It’s a good thing we laugh in the face of irony.

Seriously though, what makes me cackle is hearing people moan about having to wait in a queue for 3 hours to fill their containers full of water, and then subsequently moaning about the long walk all the way back to their homes with 10 bottles and a child in tow.  Aren’t these people educated at all about the current situation in Africa, where many have to spend every day like this just to live?  And then we hear about the poor elderly who are unable to get out of their homes to get to the water in the first place.

Everyone’s looking for someone to blame.  It makes me wonder what would happen if the human race was suddenly thrust into the dark ages once again, if all forms of technology were shut down simultaneously.  Personally, I would find the situation hilarious, but no doubt everyone else would put finding someone to blame higher on their list of priorities than actual survival, and would then spend the rest of their energy berating them for it.

And I forgot to mention that Scott Pilgrim vs the World is now out on DVD and Blu-Ray.  It really is a very good film; I recommend it as an essential wee purchase.

…..No, it’s not in the damn sales….


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