If you’re unfortunate enough to have stumbled upon this on Christmas Day, then hello.  More than likely you’re reading this a week from now and thinking about how wierd I am for updating now, of all times.  Well, right now doesn’t count as Christmas Day, see, not officially.  It’s the very early hours of the morning.  I still need to go to sleep and wake up before I officially consider it the Day of Christ.  So there.

If you are here of all places, let me direct you somewhere arguably better: check out my newest reviews of Heavy Rain, PES/ Fifa, and Harry’s Deadly Haloes part 14 or whatever it’s called.  All to be found on my website.

Merry Christmas.  Until Boxing Day at least, when I’ll come on here to write down whatever I didn’t like about it.  Until then….Sayonara.


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