Stuck in Pompey!

Don’t know why I’m using exclamation marks because there’s not much to laugh about in this situation, but as I always tend to see the funny side, it’s a little hard not to force a smile. I’m home alone in my home away from home! Hurrah!

By the way, I was a little tired when I wrote that last entry. Doesn’t mean it’s not true, though. I need refreshment, along with psychiatric help, and unfortunately my current situation is preventing such things.

I don’t think I will ever look at snow with the same fondness as I once did after this little escapade has finished unfolding. It seems to take on a much colder, more callous colour tone when it’s showing how backwards the human race is. For all our years of technological advancement, we’re still brought to a halt by a bit of ice and a drop of snow, for fear of something possibly going wrong, even though there is probably no more risk than usual.

Speaking of safety, what is this big thing about it anyway? I personally live in a wee bit of fear every time I board a plane because I know that for all our safety precautions, something new will always find a way to go wrong at some point. All of these safety measures aren’t going to do anything to alleviate this fear as there’s only so much other people can do for you, I mean look at the current pickle I’m in. And it’s not as if I didn’t have other things to do this weekend, Flybe….

Perhaps in future you should fulfil your obligations as an airline and actually inform your passengers whether their plane is on or not so they don’t spend all morning and subsequent afternoon having to rely on their supernatural senses to figure it out.

But I should be thankful, really. For all I know something could have gone wrong on one of those two flights I’ve missed now, and I like to think I missed them for a reason. That reason being mainly to sit in my empty house feeling depressed, maybe with a wee drink and a tear in my eye brought about by perpetual loneliness as I tell myself how much of a failure I am.

On a lighter note, it is nearly Christmas. I do have to keep repeating that because it feels nothing like it, but apparently it’s almost here and is getting ready to slap me around my cynical head so hard that it causes a nostalgia-induced melancholic concussion. Can’t wait for that.

This is all character building. In the New Year I shall come back a new man and ready to tackle my very secret 12 resolutions. And I plan to fulfil them all.

Got myself a new fight – sorry, flight – to Dublin at 6am in the morning. Another backup. Third time lucky, eh..?


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