Regular Smegulalalalar.

I had planned to start the regular updates on my website today. Yes, that’s right, the trial period is over; now for the constantly-moving-forward, real world living breathing thing to commence. Or not, as it would seem.

My website has this habbit of doing….something…when I try to save. I think it might have something to do with those times I’ll leave for the call of nature or sustanance purposes and come back a while later, during which time my website has been fretfully fretting over what it should do when no-one’s here to type words into it. The result is a nervous breakdown when I next try to hit the save icon, the screen turning white in a fashion that could only have been produced from a pimple on the website’s face bursting from all the built-up pressure, a pimple that came about as a result of the stress I caused it by leaving. How inconsiderate of me. It’s been my fault all along. I should have realised that.

Luckily, it does save automatically at certain points. So, my regular updates officially start tomorrow, Saturday, and all being well, will continue on Tuesday and so on. And I’ll try to be more organised in future to cut down on these unfortunate incidents.

P.S. That white screen is the pus from the stressed website’s pimple……I hope.


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