Yes I know!

Yes, yes, I know, I know, what’s the point in having a blog unless I’m going to update it regularly.  Well the regular updates start now, people.  Beware.

So I’ve realised why Inception didn’t quite work for me; it’s an American film.  It’s so stuck up on it’s naturalistic Western values, and the deep rooted fear that any hint of something that doesn’t immediately scream THIS IS REAL YOU KNOW drectly into the passive audience’s timid little ears will put them off, that it never truly lets itself run away with its own imagination.  This sudden stunning realisation came to me as I was watching Russian Ark in a film screening yesterday.  Now that’s a dream-like movie; I recommend you see it.

Finally decided on the update times for my website as well.  If you so wish, check it out every Tuesday and Friday to read my most recent reviews and random other stuff.  I have exciting things planned…..

….And hopefully I’ll be able to fit it around my dissertation, which everyone keeps wishing me luck in because they know how difficult it’s going to be.  Had a letter published in this months GamesTM (it’s a multi-format video games magazine) about it.  They didn’t seem to show much confidence in my ability, finishing their response to the letter with the sentence, “Good luck with the dissertation, Graeme, you’ve certainly chosen a complicated subject.”  Thanks for the helpful feedback, GamesTM.  If someone else out there has any golden nuggests of knowledge on why Japanese video games are so influenced by Western cinema, I’d be happy to hear them.


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